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+ Grow as a leader
+ Develop better abilities to vision for the future
+ Increase growth through new distinctions and orientations

Workshops and Retreats

Custom-designed workshops and retreats for your organization.

Proven strategies to develop:

+ Team cohesiveness
+ Better organizational communication
+ Organizational growth
+ New organizational possibilities
+ Happy workplace culture

Group Coaching Calls

+ Get to hear + participate in live laser coaching on a particular topic.
+ Explore mindfulness and how to implement in simple and easy ways in your life
+ Learn new skills on a variety of topics, including how to make requests that get you what you want, healthy boundaries, love and partnership, and many more.



Language creates possibilities.

Our language creates our world. Our world is spoken into being. What we see of the world and the possibilities for actions is dependent on the observer that we are. When we can expand or shift the observer that we are, new actions become available. New actions create new results. Through ontological coaching, new distinctions and actions can be taken – creating untold possibilities of success and joy.


Consider a new approach for your leadership development or your next workshop.

  • Engage team members as learners
  • Create new distinctions
  • Learn to make clear requests and streamline organizational/personal communication
  • Generate new self-awareness
  • Create organizational awareness
  • Foster curiosity
  • Unlock your personal potential and your teams potential through a deeper understanding of motivations
  • Enable new learning from breakdowns so they become breakthroughs
  • Manage organizational dynamics with clarity
  • Create new doorways for success and opportunity
  • Have powerful conversations

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