Lessons we can learn from Covid19

1) To find a slower pace Rushing constantly has many negative effects on lots of things. Finding a slow pace, lower vibration, a less frenetic energy is beneficial, take time to pause. 2) Be flexible Nothing is set in stone. Events you planned on, trips you wanted to take, those …

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Remote Work Environments

In the face of Covid19 Are you as an employer or as an employee switching to remote work conditions, a few things that might help? Hopefully, your workplace already has a cloud and uses something like Dropbox or Google Drive for documents. Google’s suite offers great commenting that allows for …

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Possibilities, Ontology

Living in Questions and Conversations

“In coaching, we embrace not knowing so that wisdom can show up.” ―Julio Olalla Ontological coaching in part embodies the distinctions of language. As an ontological coach, we spend time deeply engaged in conversations, conversations that create possibilities and change. A coaching session in its simplest explanation is a conversation …

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