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CategoryOntological Coaching

Imposter syndrome

  💼 One of the topics I have been coaching on a lot lately is imposter syndrome. Have you ever struggled with it? 🤔 Imposter syndrome can be a silent struggle, but know that you’re not alone. Many of us battle with feelings of inadequacy, despite evidence of our accomplishments. …

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Serenity Now

I felt the familiar rush of blood to my limbs and drain of blood to my brain, both happening at the same time. The warm tingle, the quickening heart rate—I immediately recognized this as the activation of fight or flight in my body. I didn’t look like I was in fight or …

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The ABCs of Getting Good ZZZs

I have always been jealous of people who seem to do great on four to five hours of sleep. I function very poorly on anything less than eight. When I get less sleep, I am in increased pain and I feel fuzzy, reactive, easily frustrated, and depressed. I often slip into the inviting …

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Possibilities, Ontology

Living in Questions and Conversations

“In coaching, we embrace not knowing so that wisdom can show up.” ―Julio Olalla Ontological coaching in part embodies the distinctions of language. As an ontological coach, we spend time deeply engaged in conversations, conversations that create possibilities and change. A coaching session in its simplest explanation is a conversation …

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