Lessons we can learn from Covid19

1) To find a slower pace

Rushing constantly has many negative effects on lots of things. Finding a slow pace, lower vibration, a less frenetic energy is beneficial, take time to pause.

2) Be flexible

Nothing is set in stone. Events you planned on, trips you wanted to take, those things might be temporarily disrupted. Learning to pivot, be open to change is an important useful skill, right now and always.

3) Your health is important

Self-care is a huge piece of your health, rest, deep connection with a few people, pausing in nature and connecting to the earth are great ways to restore our health, so is breathing, meditation and movement. Turn the music up at home and have a dance party.

4) Joy and gratitude matter

Perhaps one of our best defenses against depression, and sickness. Look around

in conscious slowness, what is good? Where can you create joy in your day, be silly and laugh!

5) Be prepared

You can never be totally prepared, but having ideas for alternatives, plan b’s, looking at the big picture, spending some time planning for stuff no one likes to talk about, like the end of life is part of living a good life. A great resource is A Beginner’s Guide to the End. I am not trying to say we are all dying but rather seeing this as an opportunity to be mindful of the fragility of life.

6) Practice Curiosity + information filtering

Ask questions, don’t take everything at face value. Be interested, be willing to discover and learn things you didn’t know. Question sources and reasons, do you understand the motivations and orientations of the decisions that are being made, do you agree or disagree.

7) Don’t procrastinate + seize the opportunity

You might run out of toilet paper if you do! Really though there is no time like the moment to take care of things. Tell people you love that you love them and cherish them. Also, now may be a unique opportunity to Marie Kondo the basement, or pick up your painting, or read that book that has gotten dusty sitting on your shelf too long. Life is slowing down a little, use this opportunity to catch up on some of those things you have been meaning to do. Life is precious, enjoy all the moments you can.

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